Dejlig er jorden – Jyllandsposten EN

Dejlig er jorden – Jyllandsposten EN 150 150 clausfrovin

With physical presence and empathy, especially the soprano Helene Hvass Hansen reached beyond the edge of the stage with her stories.

Ida Fonseca EN 2

Ida Fonseca EN 2 150 150 clausfrovin

As her Lieder are so heavily and heavenly Italianate, having them sung by classically trained, coloratura opera singer Helene Hvass is a real bonus. Hansen’s singing is spot on and adds a vibrant colour to these intriguing songs.

Ida Fonseca EN 1

Ida Fonseca EN 1 150 150 clausfrovin

Helene Hvass brings a special magic to these charming and varied songs. Her soprano is rich in tone, without being overpowering.

La Boheme EN 1

La Boheme EN 1 150 150 clausfrovin

A Musette soprano with a good measure of audacity: Helene Hvass

La Boheme EN 2

La Boheme EN 2 150 150 clausfrovin

Musetta, in the form of Helene Hvass, is a sultry and sensual Elizabeth Taylor type. Woman to the tips of her fingers and not for a second doubting her own worth (…) vocally strong and she sings with great energy and warmth.”

Lonely House EN

Lonely House EN 150 150 clausfrovin

Helene Hvass Hansen as the seductive doll in slitted black dress and with the soprano-voice on sparkling trips in Menotti’s ‘Steel Me, Sweet Thief’ from ‘The Old Maid and the Thief’ or in Thomas Adé’s ‘Life Story’.

Lonely House EN 2

Lonely House EN 2 150 150 clausfrovin

The soprano Helene Hvass Hansen stands like a powerwoman in a black sequined dress with beautiful legs and sings out her feelings of loneliness – undisguisedly honest and effortlessly desperate right from the first note of Gershwin’s Summertime.